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New Age Movement
A Review

(From Alien Encounters by Chuck Missler & Mark Eastman)

The New Age Movement is a loose network of over 10,000 groups or organizations distributed worldwide. Although it is not an official organization or religious denomination, its organizations embrace the 20th-century UFO phenomenon as a source of religious inspiration and hold to a number of other common beliefs. This movement has been in existence for thousands of years, but it has grown dramatically in the second half of the 20th century. It goes by other names, such as-the: Age of Aquarius, New Church, Human Potential Movement, New Thought Religion, Third Way, Transcendental Movement and New Spirituality.

This movement claims that it receives it direction from extraterrestrial (ET) beings by means of direct contact, telepathy, channeling (speaking through someone) and other various means. Its foundation is found primarily in the writings of various authors going back to the early 1800’s, e.g., Helena Petrovan Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Nicholas Roerich, H.G. Wells, Marily Fergeson and Robert Mueller.

Channeling is a primary source of information for the New Age Movement. It is a process whereby an individual (the channel) allows him or herself to be entered or spoken through by a spiritual entity. This is a common occult experience used by mediums to contact spiritual entities, but in New Age they are “extraterrestrial entities.” The alleged messages from ET beings that are channeled are primarily of a religious and philosophic nature, rather than scientific and technological.

New Age disciples share a number of common beliefs, such as:

      1. A central spirit, known as the “Source” or “the God of Force.”
      2. The god within (the divinity of man).
      3. The law of rebirth (reincarnation).
      4. Jesus and Christ consciousness are two separate entities.
      5. Christ is an office rather than a man.
      6. Evolution.
      7. The perfectibility of man.
      8. Salvation is by works rather than by atonement and grace.
      9. The interconnectedness of all things.
      10. There is no sin (an archaic belief). Man simply does “horrible acts.”

According to the above titled reference, the goal of the New Age movement is to share the goal of crating world peace through unification in a (1) one-world spiritual system and a (2) one-world government through a (3) one-world leader of their choosing. Their covert goal is to abolish all systems based on the Bible.

The New Age Movement incorporates into their doctrinal system the belief that extraterrestrial (ET) beings actually visited our earth and created life in the past, that these ET beings visit the earth and selected occupants of it from time-to-time and that they have a plan to evolve the earth and its occupants into a higher state of evolution. It also adheres to the concept that all religions were founded by ET beings and all religions point to the same “universal” truths. Many representatives of New Age advance that all the great religious leaders, e.g., Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, etc., were messengers of these ET visitors.

Among the most prominent teachings from a group of extraterrestrials are the channeled messages of the Pleiadians. They are a “Nordic” type of ET beings who come allegedly from the star cluster of the Pleiades. According to the their teachings, humanity stands at the threshold of a quantum leap of evolution that will abolish religious and governmental systems as are presently known. It will bring universal brotherhood of man, the realization that everyone is part of a gigantic universal entity known as the Prime Creator.

It is Pleiadian entities responsible for the concept that Mother Earth is “a living biological entity.” Given that she (earth) is alive, their concern is that we who occupy her do not respect her. Because of this, she will in due time expel us from her surface by cataclysmic upheavals such as earthquakes, volcanoes and violent storms. Pleiadian entities inform us that there will be a return to a belief in “mother goddess energy.” Aspects of this are taught in public schools today. The notion that earth is a living organism, a sentient being, and a deity composed of body (the physical earth itself) and spirit (mother goddess’ energy) has been a primary doctrine of witchcraft for thousands of years.

The New Age Movement advances the belief that mother earth is experiencing labor pains, e.g., famine, earthquakes, pestilence on the rise, violence, distress of nations, wars and rumors of wars, and that these “labor pains” are accelerating. But all is not to be feared for it is only foretelling the dawning of a new age. The changes to earth are not the wrath of God and will not result in the annihilation of mankind. Rather, they are something wonderful-something to be desired. They portend a time of hope and joy for the nations of earth, ushering in the arrival of a world leader who will unify the world in peace and brotherhood with technological answers to solve earth’s problems.

In the last few decades a number of New Age gurus have connected the accelerating earth changes to an instantaneous disappearance of millions of people from the face of the earth. This disappearance will be an alien evacuation necessitated by those accelerating changes. Aliens will come in vast numbers to rapidly remove all those who threaten the existence of earth by their archaic belief systems. These who are to be removed no longer fit in, they refuse to return to the matriarchal system and impede the arrival of the “New Age.” Those who are “enlightened” will be “left behind,” and will go on to involve to the next higher dimension.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I am indebted to Vance Greek for recommending the above ( see title) book, from which I have gleaned this review of the New Age Movement. I highly recommend the book, not so much for instruction in the movement, but for the authors’ systematic, historical, scientific, technical and Biblical treatment of Bible doctrines and their connection to UFOs, demons, angels, world events, the signs of the “last days,” and the New Age Movement. This is an enlightening book. To read it is to become even more convinced in the authenticity and grace message of the Bible.