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The Lamp Broadcast


Through the study of His Word, our goal is to teach and preach the whole gospel of God


GOD and about His plans for MAN in relation to the EARTH


Koffee Kup Kandor


Prophecy Countdown


Kingdom Ministries


Focus on Jerusalem banner
Focus on Jerusalem

"Accurate and Timely Eschatology Studies."




Calvary Bible Church - May God's Grace Be With You


A source for Bible Studies in the Chinese and English languages


Ennis Island
The Keys to the Kingdom of the Heavens can be found on this Island
Welcome to the first fruits ministry website

"Christ, the Cross, the Church and the Coming Kingdom"
by Roel Velema of the Netherlands
Your Shuttle to kingdom Publications


Koinonia House flame    Koinonia House Online
Verifying Biblical Events Through Archaeology

the web site of the Creation Evidence Museum

Dr. Dino
Creation Science Evangelism

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"The Sword of the Lord with an Electronic Edge."

the Blue Letter Bible

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